Take your riding to the next level with Online Coaching

If you are struggling with your riding but you live far away or need answers quickly, you have landed in the perfect place at the right time. My unique background in competitive dressage (from a competitor and a judge's perspective), classical dressage training (all breeds and ages - foal to Grand Prix), and my experience with liberty and performance work will offer you a fresh, unique look at how you can transform your riding and take your awareness to the next level. 

What I know to be true is that when we have access to an empowering mentor we can discover new depths of awareness, be inspired to try new things, think "outside the box", and infuse joy back into your riding and training. 

Benefits of Online Coaching

  • Gain insightful feedback from the privacy of your own home/barn.
  • Discover areas that are holding you back {mentally & physically for you and your horse}
  • Be inspired to take action with homework exercises and recommended reading materials.
  • Make progress when you don't have access to a trainer/instructor.
  • Distinguish the difference between pain related behavior.


I have attended several of Sandra’s clinics at Horse Gait Stables and have been so impressed by her positive and empowering approach. Her ability to work with riders at all levels and find that one (or more!) positive thing to build on is a rare gift. Her relaxed teaching style and corresponding results are a pleasure to watch!
— Denny Beers
It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to receive such helpful and insightful instruction from you after our dressage test. It was our first show ever for both my mare and I so to be able to add a lesson was certainly a highlight to the day. What a learning experience! Very inspired. Thank you.
— Linda Aarismaa
Just back from a training session at the barn and am blown away by the tremendous work I saw from Kelsey and Bruizer as a result of their lesson last week with Sandra Beaulieu! WOW! Everything they were taught came into play and they looked so great in the doing! Thank you, Sandy — so very much!
— Nonni Hilchey-Daly